Australia The Paradise of Amazing and Colorful Coral Reefs


The coral paradise in Queensland Australia is also called as one of the “seven natural wonders of the world”. Tourists came in and out to Queensland to experience for themselves how it feels to swim and dive at the coral reefs in Australia. The amazing presence of colorful corals in this place also proves of its worthiness to be counted as one of the “natural wonders of the world” which is visible from outer space because of the huge areas full of corals. This location in Queensland plays the big role in bringing in tourists coming from different places around the world, most especially those who admired so much on the natural beauty of nature under the sea. There are certain places in the entire area where restrictions are applied in order to protect the corals; however tourists can still view those certain areas from the distance.


Since diving becomes the most spectacular activities for the tourists while visiting here. There are assigned tourist guides for those who want to go diving at the coral reefs on allowed areas. This place also considered as the best gateways far from the pressures way back home from workloads and business appointments. Staying here keeps the distance from disturbance and concerns over duties and responsibilities. That’s why visitors considered this place as a paradise because it’s quiet, peaceful, clean and clear waters, fresh air, and it’s a healthy environment.


Summer is the best seasons to visit the coral reefs as everyone can enjoy the good weather condition. During this season visitors on this place can experience to see the sunlight that reflects the waters of the coral reefs. It high lightened the entire location that allows the visible view underwater from the top. Family and friends gathered around here to join together and have fun during their vacation period. Booking ahead of time is the best first step to do when planning to visit here. And of course, be sure that you carry your own camera and bring along the souvenirs when you travel back home.



Where to shop in Australia?

A holiday or a pleasant stay at your dream destination remains incomplete unless you get some gifts, souvenirs or do some shopping and take back material memories for you and your loved ones. And when you are in Australia, you really do not need to think a lot as you have a whole lot of options to choose from. As the nation that is famous for its designer high-end brands, opals, crafts and jewellery, Australia offers you more than just an everyday shopping experience giving you a memory worth a lifetime.

Where to look for?



The local markets of the Canberra consist of more than 200 shops. In Manuka and Kingston, you can get whatever you want. From fashion to furniture and jewellery, the different specialized shops line up to offer a great shopping trip. To enjoy a bit of entertainment along with some exotic foods, the Old Bus Depot markets for the crafts and handiworks should be visited. If specially looking for crafts, you should head to the Hall for the Crafts market every first Sunday of the month.



If you’re looking to shop for European high end brands and designs, King’s Street in Perth is just the place for you. Or, you can browse through the designer collections available in the marts of Subiaco. Fresh produce, flowers, art and fashion, all are available to you under just one block’s space in Subiaco. To shop for the best items, you should surely watch out for the Perth Cultural Centre in weekends.

Brisbane, Queensland


The size of the Brisbane’s biggest shopping centre is enough to tell you about the wide variety of stuff you can buy there. With over 500 shops and boutiques, you get a wide range of options for clothing, jewellery and home appliances. To visit the revived culture, heritage listed Brisbane Arcade is advised to shop for designer fashion, jewellery items and antiquities. And well, if you are looking for bargaining, you can follow that up with the city’s cut price fashion warehouses.
So what are you waiting for? Collect the money in hand and get ready for some action.